chocolate cupcakes
chocolate cupcakes

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Welcome to MEDTS. Today we are making chocolate caramel cupcakes. They are not only so healthy that they are incredibly delicious and only 60 seconds in the microwave.

Stay, I will show you how to make a really delicious and decadent gift. Okay, so, for this recipe, all you need is a tablespoon of Greek yogurt, make sure you have a normal and unsweetened Greek yogurt.

You will need a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a tablespoon of coconut flour. Then I have the equivalent of two egg whites. Now I could use an egg, but the texture and taste seem a bit more pleasant with just egg white. So I have a quarter cup here, which is the equivalent of two egg whites.

And then I have a quarter cup of coconut milk, now it’s sugar-free coconut milk. I could use almond milk or I could use soy milk, for example. Whatever it is, you want to make sure you have the closest possible zero sugar. And I have a teaspoon of baking powder here, I have some salt and my caramel flavor is using a caramel flavor without sugar Torani or DaVinci, which I have two tablespoons.

You can also use the extract to bake caramel. I would use less than that, so I wouldn’t use a teaspoon, I would say.

Then, all we will do is assemble everything together with our chocolate. It couldn’t be easier and it hardly matters in what order you put it.

So I will start with my scoop here from Chocolate. The best thing about Chocolate is not only fiber and protein, but we use real cocoa, real chocolate when we make our protein.

That’s why it smells so good and tastes so good. So I’m going to put my coconut flour, my cocoa powder and my salt, and the salt really gives that salty caramel flavor we’re looking for.

If you don’t want that kind of salty taste, go ahead and skip that. It’s not like you have to. And now I’m going to mix it a little with the dry ingredients to make sure they’re soft. You do not have to do it in that order. You could just throw everything in.

Well, now I’m going to put my little piece of Greek yogurt here and my caramel flavor, my milk, there we go. My egg whites, perfect and then all I’m going to do is go ahead and mix until it’s smooth and soft, and once it’s perfectly soft, I can put it in a small cup that I’ve previously sprayed with coconut oil. Or just clean a little coconut oil inside so that your cake does not stick. But in my case today I will use two small molds.

So I want a cup cake a little smaller each because I can’t eat a whole cupcake on my own, it’s too much food for me. But most people like it in a cup. And look at that, look how good it looks? Perfect little pie dough.

So I’m going to dump half into each small mold and make sure they are relatively uniform. Well, I have my dough in my molds. As I said, you can use a cup. I will put this in my microwave for only 60 seconds.

If your microwave is not as powerful, you may have to last up to 90 seconds, just check every 10 seconds or so. Put your finger on it and if you push a little against your finger, then you know it is cooked.

So I will go ahead and put this and show you how amazing they will be. Well guys, I just got this out. I let it cool a little and put some sugar free homemade whipped cream and some sugar free chocolate and I just want to show you how decadent, how forgiving, how delicious, how moist and how perfect this cup cake comes out.

This is so good and so abundant. You must visit us every Friday. We are always releasing new episodes of ways to make super healthy, super abundant, super delicious. This is so good. If you want to learn a little more about any recipe, you can find us at MEDTS Cup Cake Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes and, of course, be sure to visit Protein Treats every week.

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